TNÅA event - speed for fun
MASERATI - Excellence through passion.
MASERATI  MASERATI - Excellence through passion.
MASERATI - Pininfarina.
MASERATI - Red the color of speed.
MASERATI  MASERATI - Red the color of speed.
MASERATI - Design by Pininfarina.
MASERATI  MASERATI - Design by Pininfarina.
MASERATI - Quattroporte V M139.
MASERATI  MASERATI - Quattroporte V M139.
MASERATI - Quattroporte Sport GT.
MASERATI  MASERATI - Quattroporte Sport GT.
FERRARI - 458 Spider.
FERRARI  FERRARI - 458 Spider.
MASERATI - Gran Turismo Sport.
MASERATI  MASERATI - Gran Turismo Sport.
FERRARI - 458 Spider.
FERRARI  FERRARI - 458 Spider.
FERRARI - 458 Spider.
FERRARI  FERRARI - 458 Spider.
FERRARI - 458 Spider.
FERRARI  FERRARI - 458 Spider.
TNÅA event - speed for fun

Welcome to
TNÅA event - speed for fun


It started in Malmo, Sweden (opposite Copenhagen) during the 1980s with the first real car (which was custom built), a metallic blue BMW 2002 Turbo (250hp) with water injection. The car was complete rebuilt from scratch and a real Porsche killer in the cities narrow streets. During 1990-2008 a lot of BMW Motorsport, from M3 to M5, passed by but finally we felt and learned the Italian sound from a real V8. We were then lost for the Italian cars and left the BMWs.

MASERATI QP SPORT GT 2006 black (410hp) was the first area real power limousine with a F1 gearbox. It was selected as the most beautiful car in 2004.

Then there came a british car, JAGUAR XKR Convertible black 2000 with compressor (360hp), the most beautiful cabriole during that time. A mixture of the old version but still modern for the driving part. The only pity case was the solution of canvas cabriole over 110kM driving because the noise became a little bit too high. It was sold to a pure enthusiastic gentleman.

The third car was a MASERATI Gran Turismo Sport 2009. It was black with red details, F1 gearbox, Novitec compressor (590hp) and Novitec carbone kit, a beast for this type of car.

Later we went for the new MASERATI QP GTS 2011 black (440hp) generation updated with bigger engines and brakes. Fantastic limousine for long drives like Sweden-Italy.

Then it was time to buy the latest MASERATI QP GTS 2012 black (440hp) generation that will become a collectable version in the future. Still a nice and beautiful car even due to the ages.

After 6 months of looking for an awesome car, a metallic convertible solution, we were stoked to finally find the FERRARI 458 Spider 2012 red (570hp). A fantastic car in combination as a convertible and with real race power with a weight of only 1550kg and carbon breaks. This car is a very fast highway speeder.

Business idea

Our aim is to enjoy interesting and fast going cars and work in partnership with other event companies which are looking for this kind of support and possibilities for hiring our cars for certain events and happenings.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any proposals.


Thomas Andersson
Event Director

Mikael Andersson
Media / Art Director

Roland Andersson
Racing Director


Bariumgatan 15
SE-213 64 Malmö, Sweden

VAT SE559136926801
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Interested? Call
Thomas Andersson
Event Director

Ferrari Spider 458 - 2012

Ferrari Spider 458 - 2012. Ferrari Spider 458 - 2012.

Maserati Quattroporte GTS - 2014

Maserati Quattroporte GTS - 2014. Maserati Quattroporte GTS - 2014.

Mercedes 500 SL - 2006

Mercedes 500 SL - 2006.

Mir 2018 Berlin

Mir 2018 Berlin
Day 1. Wednesday, 26 September 2018.
We came from many places all around europe.
And some even more far away.
We came for have some fun in Berlin!
We came with our nice Maserati cars!
Arrival at the hotel Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam

Mir 2018 Berlin - Der Treffpunkt für MASERATI Fahrer.
hotel Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam
Andersson brothers

Day 2. Thursday, September 27, 2018.
In the morning we had a bus transfer to the old Berlin cathedral. From here we took a boat for a sightseeing tour of the Government district.

Berlin Cathedral
The Parlament Building and the White crosses.

After the lunch we took a walk to the area around the Brandenburg gate and the famous Unter den Linden-Boulevard.
During the afternoon we visit the impressive Sanssousi Palace of Frederick II in Potsdam, that is covered by the UNESCO in their World Heritage Sites.

Sanssousi Palace of Frederick II in Potsdam.
The beautiful fountain was built in 1852. The Ruinenberg is a hill with artificial ruins from 1748.

In the evening a bus takes us to The Citadel in Spandau, the important and well-kept Renaissance fortress in Berlin fort he casual dinner.

The Citadel in Spandau

Day 3. Friday, September 28, 2018.
After breakfast followed the departure to the Lausitzring race circuit/Euro Speedway with Maseratis.
There, on the huge area we had 3 different circuits available:
a. The GP circuit.
b. The High Speed Oval with a 43° banking
c. The test oval (also with 43° banking)

Eurospeedway Lausitz
Eurospeedway Lausitz circuit

On the GP circuit a free regularity takes place and in the High-Speed Oval (b) each participant could drive with his own car.

Thomas Andersson
Roland Andersson
Thomas and Roland at Eurospeedway Lausitz circuit.

On the test oval (c) FIA GT World Champion Michael Bartels gave us passenger rides thru the banking in one of the fantastic MC12 Corsa.

MC12 Corsa
MC12 Corsa
MC12 Corsa
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As an alternative to the day on the circuit, there were an attractive ladies program in Berlin City.
The reception and casual dinner was in the Puro-Lounge with a fantastic view over Berlin.

Puro-Lounge Berlin

Day 4. Saturday, september 29, 2018.
Our touristic rally took us through the Brandenburg countryside around Berlin to the beautiful Bismarckhöhe.


Welcome to the Bismarckhöhe

The Bismarckhöhe, the landmark of the city of Werder (Havel), offers not only the sumptuous ambience of a historic Renaissance villa but also houses the region's most magnificent ballroom, the stylish Kleiner Salon and the warm, rustic Bismarck lounge in the outdoor area.

Hello from Bismarckhöhe!

The Concourse d`Elegance took place in the afternoon in the beautiful inner city of Potsdam.

In the evening the Gala Dinner (black tie) took place at a wonderful location near the river Havel between lake Wannsee and lake Templin.

Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner

We saw a very fine and spectacular firework. Take a look at it!

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The Maserati Team from Germany made a fantastic cake for the event to eat during the evening.

The Large Maserati Cake!

Day 5. Sunday, September 30, 2018.
After breakfast brunch we had the price giving for the regularity competition and the Concourse.

Mikael and Thomas with the prices.
Mikael Roland Thomas

Mir 2019 Gleneagles Scotland

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Welcome to Gleneagles! Welcome to Gleneagles!

Mir 2020 Båstad Sweden

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Welcome to Båstad in Sweden!

Maserati 100 years 2014

Maserati 100 years 2014
Maserati was celebrating its 100th anniversary
with a host of activities that
include a gathering of 250 Maseratis
in Modena, Italy in September 2014.
Over 250 classic Maseratis was expected at the event.


Maserati celebrated 100 years 2014.
Over 100 Masearati models from 30 countries came to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company. The festivities began at Piazza Grande in Modena.

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